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Set-up of Clients’ Shareholder Registers

We create shareholders’ registers for our clients and ensure our records are updated with the required information on an ongoing basis. We handle the creation of such registers with strict confidentiality as it is deemed to be the evidence of shareholders’ legal title to their shares and they are entitled to exercise their voting rights and any other rights based on their shareholdings.


Share Register Maintenance

We ensure there is no complexity in share registration by keeping accurate shareholders’ records while providing solutions that enable us update and reconcile the share register of our client companies.

Our register maintenance services also include change or correction of name, change of address, adoption or change of bank mandates, adoption or change of clearing house numbers, registering share transfer forms for signature update, transmission of shares (recording probates and confirmations, power of attorney and other legal documents), consolidation of accounts, amalgamation/fractionalisation of share certificates and full dematerialisation of certificates with prompt lodgement at the Central Securities Clearing System Plc.

We are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of our clients’ information and ensure we comply by the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission at all times.


Corporate Actions

We have an expert team that provides registrar advisory services at All-parties and Completion Board Meetings. We handle corporate actions such as right issues, public offers, bond issues, mergers and schemes of arrangement, capital reorganisations and divestments.

Prospectus and documents regarding these exercises are effectively distributed and returns are properly handled from receiving agents and stockbrokers.


Officiating at Annual / Extra-ordinary General Meetings

Management of proxy appointments, leverage on relationships in providing strategic shareholder engagement, screening and accreditation of bonafide shareholders, directors and other related parties of client companies.

Officiating the conduct of polls using electronic voting pads or other appropriate methods as requested by our clients.


Shareholders’ Enquiries

We aim to continuously deliver quality service to our clients and their shareholders by offering expert support at every step. Hence, shareholders can make enquiries about their investments by calling designated lines and sending mails to dedicated mailboxes.


Dividend/Coupon Payments

We treat e-dividend mandate instructions and manage dividend payments via the Electronic Dividend Management System (EDMMS). The EDMMS payment system directly credits dividends into shareholders’ bank accounts by electronic transfer within 24 hours, after which notices are sent to shareholders via email or SMS.


Report Rendition

We give a month-on-month graphical description of various details as they relate to our client companies. These include register size, number of shareholders with or without CSCS accounts, shareholder distribution, volume of shares traded relative to share capital and industry peers, shareholding structure etc.

We also distribute Annual Reports and other corporate reports to shareholders on behalf of our clients in accordance with SEC Rule 193B.