Self-Service Portal

Our self-service portal has user-friendly functionalities that enable you have unrestricted access to various share registration services and a wide range of products which have been tailor-made for our clients, shareholders and other stakeholders in the Nigerian Capital Market.

It is an online and real-time portal that allows you view your investments from any browser or mobile device of your choice.

E-dividend Mandate Portal

The Digitized Dividend Mandate Portal ensures seamless payments of dividends into the registered bank accounts of shareholders without having to visit our offices. Additional benefits include:

Data is instantly digitized and stored on our core application. Hence, this eliminates data entry errors associated with the manual method.

Convenience- Features such as facial capturing and digital signature options are some of the add-ons.

Ease of reference without the concern of losing forms in transit.
This is achieved by integrating other dividend management systems with the application.

KYC Update Portal

Keep your profile up-to-date with our KYC Update Portal. To update your address, phone number and other relevant information on our records, please click the button below.

Other E-Products we offer

Virtual Reporting Solution

The virtual reporting solution is a cost-effective communication tool that enables companies communicate directly with their shareholders.

Additional benefits include:

  • offers a guaranteed, prompt and controlled delivery of information to shareholders
  • offers a relatively affordable means of communicating financial performance as compared to traditional printing and posting of hard copy documents
  • offers increased brand visibility to companies as the documents received from the platform can be further shared between groups, teams or unions
  • offers a communication channel already approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission


This is a cost-effective accreditation tool that enables event centres, event managers and companies to register/obtain individual data directly from shareholders, guests or participants at events.

Additional benefits include:

  • Time-saving: Our e-accreditation platform allows people to sign up online in just a few minutes at their convenience, without having to print manually, fill out or send paper forms
  • Improve efficiency: Time and money saved could be channeled towards other tasks
  • Receive automated confirmation receipt
  • Offers a stress-free, user-friendly and convenient approach to crowd management
  • Offers registered shareholders seamless access to all relevant information required for the event


This is an efficient and easy way of getting your CSCS account credited directly with allotted units after an initial or secondary public offering.

It provides a convenient way of generating and storing your share certificates electronically, thereby eliminating the incidences of missing or unclaimed share certificates.


This product streamlines the Rights Issue process thereby minimizing manual intervention and improving the efficiency of the process.

Shareholders can view details of on-going Rights Issue and download their Rights Application forms if they wish to accept (either fully or partially) or renounce their Rights. The form for the afore-mentioned contains shareholders’ details as follows:

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Units held
  • Rights Due and
  • Amount payable on full or partial acceptance


Shuffling through piles of paper to view your statements can be an unpleasant experience. With our e-Statement solution, you can search for past statements, print and download them.

E-Statement is the online form of your Conventional Statement of Account. The available channels to view your statements are:

  • via our portal
  • via email – Your e-Statement can be sent to your registered email address

Additional benefits include:

  • Access your statements real-time on any web or mobile device
  • Convenient and secure
  • View and save your statements in soft copy (PDF format)
  • It is at no cost to you

E-Payment Notification

With this product, shareholders have the right to monitor their payments real-time and it significantly reduces the cost of printing and mailing paper notifications.

Alerts or notifications are sent via the appropriate communication channels once payments are made into shareholders’ registered bank accounts.

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