A Bank Certificate is required from the Probate Department of the High Court to enable us treat your request.

Kindly find below our requirements for share transmission:

A Letter of Authority duly signed by the Administrators/Executors, requesting that we carry out the necessary actions regarding the Estate’s share transmission

  • Photocopy of the Letter of Administration (Intestate – If the deceased died without a Will) or Probate Letter (Testate- If the deceased died with a Will). If a Probate Letter is presented, a photocopy of the deceased’s Will should also be provided. The originals of these documents would be required for sighting
  • The Letter of Administration or Probate Letter should state all the shares held by the deceased otherwise, a Certificate of Additional Assets would be required
  • Photocopy of Death Certificate from the National Population Commission; the original would be required for sighting
  • Photocopy of the Newspaper Publication or Notice of Death or Gazette; the original would be required for sighting
  • Copies of Valid Means of Identification of each of the Administrators/Executors
  • A duly executed e-mandate form with the passport photographs of the Administrators/Executors. The BVN(s) of the Administrator(s)/Executor(s) should be stated on the e-mandate form

The documents listed above are not exhaustive as we may require additional documentation based on our appraisal of each circumstance.

Please note that a Letter of Administration/Probate Letter can only be lodged at any of our offices (Lagos, Abuja or Port-Harcourt) by the Administrators/Executors or their appointed Legal Counsel who has full details of the Estate with a copy of his Letter of Appointment.

Also, if an Administrator/Executor is indisposed or would not be available to execute documents due to proximity constraints, a Power of Attorney (duly notarized) can be provided mandating one or two other Administrators/Executors to execute documents on behalf of the Estate.

Applicable transmission fees would be charged to the Estate when the documentation process has been completed. Please note that 7.5% Value Added Tax (VAT) applies to all payments.

You are to obtain a Power of Attorney from your son to act in his stead.

Please find below requirements for Power of Attorney

  • Banker’s Confirmation of both the Donor and the Donee. 
  • Where the son (Donor) is not able to provide a Banker’s Confirmation, his Notarized Means of Identification would be required
  • Recent passport photograph of both the Donor and the Donee
  • Letter of Introduction from the Donor
  • Means of Identification of the Donee

The Power of Attorney is a legal document, hence it must be notarized to confirm its authenticity. Original copy of the Power of Attorney must be submitted to us for sighting.

Notoriety confers authenticity on the Power of Attorney.

You are advised to process ‘Additional Asset’ document from the Probate Department of the High Court. This process also applies if a probate letter had been processed.

Kindly provide us with the following requirements:

  • A Sworn Affidavit 
  • A copy of her death certificate
  • Newspaper publication or Gazette
  • Request Letter
  • Valid Means of Identification
  • A copy of your birth certificate to establish your relationship with the deceased
  • Banker’s Confirmation Letter in your name

You are advised to go back to the High Court with the Will, Probate Letter and the Death Certificate of the third Executor for an amendment process to be initiated.

This process also applies to Administrators. However, a Letter of Administration and the Death Certificate of the third Administrator would be presented instead.

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